Main issues

Please stand with me, work with me, march with me into the future, and I promise you this; whoever you are, wherever you are in Maryland and wherever you live, and whatever you do, we can restore our hopes, renew our dreams and once again make Maryland a state of opportunity and progress.

For as de Tocqueville, a known theorist said long ago, “America is a great country because she is a good country, and if she ceased to be good, she will cease to be great”.

When I reflect or ponder about our future, I see the State of Maryland that is full of hardworking people who share the same values, whether you are a teacher, a farmer, a businessperson, a student, a husband, a mother, we all have a stake in the future of our children, our state and our country and our common problems.

Let the word go out from this hall that as a delegate, I will continue the fight to herald a new era of transformation that will lead to economic development and more job creation. Let the message radiate from here that I will be there for the students, teachers, and parents. Specifically, my platform includes

  1. Economic Development and Job creation,
  2. Public Safety,
  3. Education, and Youth Engagement,
  4. Domestic Violence,
  5. Homeownership & Foreclosure, and
  6. Environment protection.

Environmental Protection

Support renewable energy programs, curtail electronic wastes and support programs that curb global warming.  

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Domestic Violence

Invest more resources towards ending domestic violence. Strengthen and aggressively enforce domestic violence law.

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Public Safety

Support effective policing to guarantee adequate safety to citizens and businesses. Support public safety employees and their unions.

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Economic Development and Job Creation

Sustainable economic expansion through tax reduction and incentives. Create youth apprenticeship and/job training programs. Initiate creative programs to attract manufacturing and hi-tech industries to Maryland. Foster extensive government/industry/university partnership job training program.

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Home Ownership & Foreclosure

Increase the availability of affordable home and streamline loan modifications. Promote bills to reduce regulatory barriers to homeownership and increase incentives for home buyers. Institute moratorium on foreclosures.

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Education & Youth Engagement/Empowerment

Support improvement of the public school system. Strengthen youth apprenticeship & adult education programs. work towards overhauling the Prince George’s County school system, including the board.

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