Dr. Stanley Onye


I am a Democrat, who has the right background, professional competence, ability to drive the process, proven track record, academic qualifications, knowledge of how and where to access funds for various projects.

My vision is to help build a vibrant, smart 25th district corridor that optimizes the opportunities of abundant skills and technology for the continued growth of the state, county, and district economic and social environment.

As you know, I am running for the seat because I believe sincerely that the current occupants of the position, have not done enough for the constituents, the District, and the county to deserve your vote.

Enough is enough, for we can do better. We need someone who will listen to everybody, not just a few. In me, you will get someone who will listen and solve your problems regardless of your community.

I am an everyday person who welcomes the challenge of leadership, well equipped to make tough choices and do the hard work that is required of a delegate.

I have done several jobs from being a professor teaching at various universities to being a director, working with DC Government in various capacities and a community leader helping to champion various community-related causes.

"Let's make 25th District, through my transformational leadership style, an environmentally sound, business-friendly, family-oriented, happy community, laden with good schools, and where seniors are accorded respect."


Dr Stanley Onye for Delegate, 25th District, Maryland House of Delegates

Dr Stanley Onye

I am a family man who has been married for 30 years to Mrs. Carolyn Wachuku Onye, a hardworking and dedicated woman.

A woman that has worked very hard to keep the family together.

Between us, we have three beautiful girls, Nneka, Jennifer and Stephanie, a son Odell and a grand-daughter Kyla. These children are all products of Prince George’s County public schools. Jennifer is currently a math and science school teacher in Prince George’s County Public School. Stephanie is an engineering student in one of Maryland’s prestigious universities.

I have also had the luck of being born and raised by two wonderful, hardworking, civic-minded parents, and a wife and children who have been supportive beyond any reasonable expectation. I also have brothers and sisters in Nigeria. These people have worked very hard to contribute to my welfare.

My wife has been one of the driving forces for the campaign and is the strategic brain. We are a very religious family and are guided by very good church family with dedicated pastors.

My story is the story of a young African immigrant whose access to education opened up vast opportunities that enabled me to attain my present position. I am a product of Howard University where I obtained a masters degree in Political Science & Public Administration.
I am also a product of University of Maryland College Park where I obtained a Ph.D. degree specializing in Government, International Political Economy, and International Relations.

  • Ph.D. in Government and International Relations, University
    of Maryland College Park, Maryland
  • Masters Degree in Political Science with specialization in Public Administration and Budgeting, Howard University, Washington, DC.
  • Certificate in Soviet Studies
  • Certificate in Government Contracting – 2005 Southeastern University Center of Entrepreneurship

Over 21 years of experience teaching at various universities and community colleges, as well as directing a NASA Regional Educational Program (the Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Aerospace Academy – SEMAA) at the University of DC.
As the Director, I managed the NASA education programs for the Washington, DC Region; served as the Washington, DC Regional Coordinator of the National Future City Competition, NASA SEMAA educational programs, Robotics Program, as well as the Director of the NASA Education Resource Center and Aerospace Education Laboratory.

My mission

  • Foster Economic Development & Job Creation Through
    • Tax Prevention & Incentives
    • Youth Pre-Apprenticeship
    • Job Training Programs
    • Attract Hi-Tech Industries
    • Gov’t/Industry/University Partnership programs
  • Home Ownership & Foreclosure Reduction
    • Streamline Loan Modications
    • Moratorium on Foreclosures
    • Reduce Regulatory Barriers
    • Increase Incentives for Home Buyers
  • Public Safety
    • Support Effective Policing
    • Support Public Safety Employees
  • Education & Youth Engagement/Empowerment
    • Support Improvement of the Public School System
    • Strengthen Youth Apprenticeship & Adult Education Programs
    • Work Towards Overhauling the Prince George’s County School
      System, Including the Board

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